Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do ?

SAN LUIS, Ariz. -- Two police officers have been suspended for five days without pay for pulling a prank involving a sex toy, the mayor of San Luis said.

Mayor Nieves Riedel said the incident involved an officer who planted a phallic sex toy in a patrol car as a joke on another officer last week. One of the department's sergeants learned about the incident and an investigation led to the discipline.

She said she was briefed by the city's police chief, Heriberto Bejarano.

"Boys are going to be boys," Riedel said, while adding that officers are supposed to set examples for the community and saying the incident was in "bad taste."

"They didn't stop and think. ... You have got to be careful about the things you do because it reflects on you," Riedel said.

Police spokesman Ernesto Lugo declined to discuss specifics, but said such cases are treated as sexual harassment by the department.


Information from: The Sun,


nylon said...

Hi Eric,

It's Nylon. I liked your Powerpoint. it was very telling and to the point. You got the facts straight and I hope it informs people. my blog address has changed (long story) same content but new address.


Bill German said...

there is too much sensitivity in the world

KaraMia said...

It amazes me that people can get in trouble even when no one that the joke was pulled on complained...ugh.