Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Week's Tenant: You know what ERKS me???

I offered out my spot this week for a total of 10 BE credits. This is astoundingly cheap considering what kind of click numbers I've been generating the last couple of months. So this is another week of experiments.

I picked

You know what ERKS me???

because she's got a new blog and because it's very funny. Click her. Now. You'll be glad you did.


smussyolay said...

can i say something? i have NO clue what you mean by 'renting' or people paying in 'clicks' or whatever. i just sort of pass these posts by and maybe click on these people or whatever. but when you say someone's 'renting' your blog, i have no idea what you mean.


Eric said...

BlogExplosion is a traffic swapping site. The idea is you surf other member's blogs and you get 'credits' for doing so. You can use these credits to fight in "Battle of the Blogs" or to put your banner up when people surf or to increase your own traffic ... or to "rent space" on another person's blog.

Erks, this week, paid 10 credits to take that little piece of my blog on the upper right side of the blog. I pimp her out at my discretion but the idea is that you, as a faithful reader, might give her blog the once-over because I happen to like it (or at least I like how many credits she paid me to rent the space).

So it's a little "Amway meets Dungeons and Dragons."

However I have run into lots of good blogs through BE so I think it's pretty cool.

Click or don't click, I just don't want to be blamed for not giving someone their credits' worth (as happened exactly once).

Plus I happen to like Erks blog, though it doesn't seem to have been updated since she rented the space. Pot - Kettle - Black if I criticize that one, though.

Anonymous said...

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