Thursday, May 18, 2006

The State of Network Television Today

With "Will and Grace" gone and the current television season over for most if not all networks, here's my first annual rant on the state of network television.


Grey's Anatomy: Great. Soap Opera, yes, but it's well written.

Desperate Housewives: Less than great.

Everything else: crap.


CSI: every part of the franchise is getting old.

Without A Trace: I like the show but never watch it. Sorry Anthony.

Two and a Half Men: I hate to admit that I actually like this show. Didn't want to, but I do.

Everything else: crap.


Scrubs: best thing on the air. Hip Hip Hooray.

ER: oh, I watch but it jumped the shark so long ago.

Law and Order: See CSI… or rather, skip both. Watch both in syndication, buy the DVDs but I'm not staying home to see them. Okay, I'm staying home but I'm not watching.

Deal or No Deal: wouldn’t this be a great part of "The Price is Right?" Nope, and it's not good as a long-assed primetime game show. Must be very cheap to produce.

My Name is Earl: I love the cast, I don't love the show. Sorry Jason.

The Office: I keep meaning to watch. I bet it's funny. Never seen it.


Family Guy: wait… this is the BEST THING ON THE AIR. Sorry, Zach.

Cops and America's Most Wanted: yes, I'm helpless and hopeless. I watch regularly.

24: nope. First season = great. Second season = sucked. I stopped watching.

American Idol: you've GOT to be kidding.

Did I miss anything? Am I wrong?


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AnthonyLemons said...

You are correct, Eric. There is nothing worth watching anymore. If your not a retard that is easily amused by average women trying to become a super models, your screwed.

KaraMia said...

I just started watching the normal CSI on Spike TV...I like it!
Personally, I only tune in for Ghost Hunters on Sci
the rest of the time we watch or netflix movies. Best invent ever!

chaps said...

Being a TV Junky-I find lots to watch-regular network TV though leaves less options. I know Ive forgotten some here: ABC: All Boring Crap! other than Greys Anatomy, and their hit LOST, leaves anyone lost who didnt watch it from day one. NBC: Next boring channel, with one new exception Conviction- L&O spinoff-lawyer show Eric Balfour is awesome!! And I do like L&O SVU (Mariska Hargitay-awesome) CI (Vincent D'Onofrio-awesome)Crossing Jordan is good too. CBS: Cool Better Shows like Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS -entire cast is great! And I heard the Unit is great but I havent caught it yet. And the original Las Vegas CSI is still worth watching. Even WB-Worth Broadcasting : has a good one Supernatural. UPN--Unbelievable Plain Nothing!!!! Seems FOX-has my favorite sly programing: I love Bones, House and one of the best of course is Family Guy! American Dad is pretty funny too.
Cable series worth mentioning: Monk, Big Love, Medical Mysteries, City Confidentional, Cash Cab, It Takes a Thief,North Mission Road, Mind of Mencia, Deadliest Catch, Forensic Files, Medical detectives, Behind the Music, American Justice, Emergency Vet, Dog Whisperer, etc.

Apricoco said...

The Closer on TNT (new season starting in June) is really really good... Also, I love House on Fox and I can't miss an episode of ER to this day... The original CSI is good but I find the Miami themed one totally unwatchable (I even live in So. Fla.) because of David Caruso... Oh and Medium on NBC is really great! Ok... Yes... I watch far far too much TV.

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