Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy 80th Birthday to My Grandma !

My Grandmother requested no gifts this year. She instead asked each member of the family to write her a poem. The poems did not have to be about her and they could be in any style.

These are our contributions.

From Kelli:

Grandma sweet and kind
classy and intelligent
wearer of purple

From me:

While the male lion will roar and pose and intimidate,
the lioness patiently waits,

knowing she can kill, will kill,
to protect or to feed her young.

Lionesses do most of the hunting.
Male lions will take the “lion’s share” of the food,

although they lay around most of their waking hours.

Lionesses spend a great deal of time with their cubs,
even after they have been weaned.

Lionesses will stay with their pride for life.
Male lions inevitably leave.

Male lions lose their willingness to play early.
Lionesses will always play, from cub to elder adult.

My grandmother is a lioness


Happy Birthday Granny Nori !

for those who like numbers, this is post 333.


Phollower said...

Those are both very sweet. The lioness comparison is nice. I'm sure she'll love both of them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Anonymous said...

It was a lovely tribute from Kelli and from you, Eric.

When I requested a poem from each of the family members I had no idea how rich the gifts would be. The whole family outdid themselves and I feel like I have had the best birthday ever.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

How sweet. And grandma doesn't look 80.

PJ said...

What a sweet looking lady. Brings a tear to my eye for my grandma who is no longer with us. I know heaven welcomed her. Appreciate your granny while you can.

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