Saturday, May 20, 2006

Daughter of TV Bounty Hunter 'Dog' Dies

May 20, 11:44 PM (ET)
HONOLULU (AP) - A daughter of reality TV star Duane "Dog" Chapman was killed in a car accident a day before her father's wedding, a spokesman said Saturday.

Barbara Katy Chapman, 23, died Friday night near her home in Fairbanks, Alaska, said Michael Feeney, senior vice president of A&E television network.

Duane Chapman's wedding on the Big Island went forward as planned Saturday after the family consulted with a preacher and agreed to celebrate her life at the ceremony, Feeney told The Associated Press.

The star of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" married his longtime sidekick, Beth Smith. The couple have been together for 16 years and have two children.

The wedding will be featured in an Aug. 14 episode of the show, about Chapman and his tattooed crew of fugitive finders.

Barbara Chapman had not been expected to attend the wedding, and the circumstances of the accident were unclear, Feeney said.

She was one of 12 of the bounty hunter's children. She is survived by her mother, Lyssa Greene, and her 4-year-old son, Travis Drake-Lee Chapman.

I don't like the show. I 'm not a big fan of what I know about the man himself.

But this is very sad.

Plus I did not know about the Alaska connection to Mr. Chapman.


Anonymous said...

what?! the show rocks, and the dude can catch crooks better then the cops!! scrate up g money....

Anonymous said...

dog rocks and so does beth! they are an inspiration to all kids who have evr thought of going the wrong way or who have gone the wrong way. even my 72 year old mama loves the "dog"!!!

they speak of God and how they have overcome obstacles in their lives. they also speak to these kids in terms and lingo that they can understand. at least they have a positive input on society instead of all the negative input all of us face each and every day!

more power to you dog, beth and all of the gang. may God continue to bless you and we are sorry for you loss. we celebrate your daughters life with you! thank you for all of your inspiring stories and most of all thank you for caring about our children and the society in which we live!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, good show. give it a chance.

chaps said...

You definately have some "DOG" lovers in your readers. And what about this Chapman in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » »

Anonymous said...

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