Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why So Blue, Panda Bear ?

Milky Way commercial. You know the one. Or if you don't, click HERE and you can view it.

I hate it. I think it's... well, it's just wrong. I'm not even sure whether I think it's disrespectful of asians or of women in general but I just cringe every time I hear "Why so blue, Panda Bear?"

It's worse than the creepy plastic Burger King and that's saying quite a bit.


If you are indeed a blue panda bear, click to visit VaVaVoom ! You'll be a happy Koala!


Schadenfreude said...

Whoa. I'd just like to know which opium den exactly were the ad agency guys in when they came up with this concept.

Jas said...

I kinda liked this ad. The burger king ads are indeed kinda creepy, including the new one where the King is in bed, and people have broken in and surrounded him.

What messge does this send?

If some stranger shows up, breaks into your home, and offers you food, you should eat it, and then have a pillow fight.

chaps said...

plastic burger king guy --HORRIBle
Love the Singing in the Rain dancing elephant though

Anonymous said...

Disresprectful of asians? There are no asians in the spot and the girl's accent isn't asian either. Maybe you don't like the as because you don't really understand it. Too bad because its pretty darn funny in my opinion.

Eric said...

Okay, so I read some other blogs that describe the miniature bimbo as "European, probably French."

Perhaps I just hear a foreign accent say "Panda Bear" and I associate it with my asian brethren (or in this case sistren) but either way - WTF ?

And I'll totally cop to not understanding it. Guy gets shot down at the end of a date and then hallucinates his candy bar has morphed into a tiny hottie who calls him a 'buffet of manliness'?

And then he eats the candy bar BEFORE it's even morphed back into a candy bar.

Calling Mr. Burroughs, calling Mr. Kafka, calling Mr. Freud, but for the love of dog please call someone.

Anonymous said...

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