Monday, May 08, 2006

Living With Multiple Personalities

Yes, my new tenant this week is Cat at LWMP.

Here is her bio:

I am a 32 year old mother of two living in the mountains of Colorado. I’ve been married to my bestest friend, my husband, for almost 10 years. We have been through trials and tribulations together and have only grown closer through the years.

My children are complete blessings. My son, the 13 year old, is going through those lovely times that teenagers love. He is in the 8th grade and is quite a handsome young man. He does pretty well in school but struggles with some classes. He is quick with math but hates writing/reading, unlike his mom (and like his dad).

My daughter is 8 years old and works to avoid going to 3rd grade. She doesn’t like her teacher this year but she’s incredibly smart and I think, sometimes, she’s just bored with the schoolwork. She reads at over a 5th grade level and finds books easy to ‘eat’, like me. She reads fast and takes in the story well (good comprehension) so it will be a challenge to find a class that can keep her busy anyhow.

My job entails working with computers. I have done web design, graphics design, brochure production/creation, business cards, complete system builds/upgrades, case mods., consulting and computer repair/fix. It has been an amazing trip here in this town to do the computer work and I could easily grow my company with some motivation. After dealing with hard times last year, mentally/emotionally, things slowed down to a crawl and I now focus on housework and online jobs. I would like to eventually grow my company again. Hopefully this year will bring me more opportunity for that.

My husband is an interior trim ‘artist’ and works on new construction homes and remodels. With us living in a fast-growing mountain town, this keeps him quite busy with new jobs. He has worked on many log homes this past year and has enjoyed the difference in the building styles here in Colorado - compared to his hometown in Texas. He has hopes to do some big things this year and I will reveal them in my blog as time allows.

Our family works hard to spend time with each other, enjoy the outdoors, stay busy with working on our new home (we hope to purchase it this year, currently we’re doing a lease option/to buy) and keeping the clutter out of our lives. I joined up with other women on a site called and it has motivated all of us to keep clutter out of our home. It’s taking time - but we’re doing it!

So, this year there’s many hopes and dreams ahead for us - and I will blog about most of them and try to share my past with you as well so that someone can benefit from my experiences.

So try her blog out HERE !.