Friday, August 25, 2006

Going Too Far


I guess I feel that our dog is a member of our family. A junior member, to be sure, since we don’t involve her in most family decisions otherwise all discretionary funds would be spent on biscuits.

Yet I don't feel that our dog is an accessory or an ornament. Sure, folks will say "oh what a cute dog" similar to how other folks compliment Kelli on her wedding ring but we simply do not put our dog through the abject humiliation of parading her around as an attention seeking opportunity for us.

So we will not be buying any form of the PuppyPurse.

I learned about this at the Drudge Report and I had to investigate for myself. Sure enough if you go to you will find a wide variety of pet carriers including the Barktorias Secret.

Oh the humanity. Or caninity. Or whatever. Sick, sick, sick. Looks uncomfortable for the dog too.

And the price?

Not enough. People who think this is a good have too much money to only part with $100 for it.

Here's an email directly from the Puppy Purse People:

Hi Eric,

Just saw your blog about the PuppyPurse.

Attractively disguised as an accessory, the PuppyPurse
is a safe and wonderful way to carry a small dog. Not
only our veterinarians but the veterinarian for Good
Morning America, Dr. Marty Becker, called the
PuppyPurse safe. In fact, veterinarians have
recommended the PuppyPurse for dogs that have
difficulty walking or otherwise infirm.

While we don't think that dogs should always be
carried, the fact is that a lot of people carry their
small dogs - in their arms or in enclosed carriers.
PuppyPurse provides a safe, comfortable, versatile,
and attractive alternative.

Hedy & Suzanne

The Original PuppyPurse Carrier System
(201) 262-6878/(941) 485-7225
fax: 201-599-1511
PO Box 346, Oradell, NJ 07649 USA


Bianca Roland said...

I'm always amazed at how many people feel like they have to take their little dogs everywhere they go. I mean, I'm glad they're not leaving them in hot cars when they run errands, but why not just leave them at HOME.

Nikkiana said...

That looks like some horrible torture device....

chaps said...

Looks like the only way Im gonna get to take my dog as carry on the plane-with all the new restrictions

Still Searching... said...

Ummm, riiiight. Why bother even having a pet if you're just carrying it around, using it as an accessory?? I don't get it, really I don't. I have cats, and did have a dog (until very recently), and take the dog for a WALK, yes...carry her around like a, NO. Weird.