Friday, August 11, 2006

This Week's Renter: Jessafran

Here are a couple of items of introduction about Jessica from the Buckeye State (I'm not sure what a Buckeye is but if it's anything like a "chicken eye" then I'm not interested – abstinence pledges be damned). But I digress. Heeeeere's Jessica:

She takes Flintstone vitamins.

She gives her phone number to guys one number off.

She can blow spit bubbles (oh the childhood horror that reminds me of)

She hates whistling and whistlers (Zz – you need to tell her about "hating the whistle but loving the whistler")

Her cat Winston has a drooling problem (it's okay, half my coworkers do too)

She would leave home to be a Neil Diamond groupie.

So with that knowledge, dontcha want to read her blog? Dontcha?

I knew you did, check it out HERE!