Saturday, August 19, 2006

Three's Company: The Ultimate Cast

I finally have an idea what to do with the Steve Buscemi figure.

Dress him as Ralph Furley, the ol' RF himself. Steve would be the perfect RF in a "Three's Company" blockbuster movie.

Who else would be in the all-star cast ?

You tell me. Here's my first choice as casting director:

Jack Tripper - Jason Ritter or Ben Stiller

Janet Wood- Mandy Moore

Chrissy Snow- Jessica Simpson

Cindy Snow - Jenny McCarthy

Terri Alden - Courtney Thorne-Smith

Larry Dallas - Will Ferrell

Stanley Roper - Jerry Stiller
Helen Roper - Anne Meara

Mr. Angelino - Robert DeNiro

Filipe Gomez - John Leguizamo

Lana Shields - Kathleen Turner

any other / better ideas ?


Dwayne said...

I think Zach Braff would make a good Jack Tripper. Did you see John Ritter play JD's dad on Scrubs?

hellkitten said...

Those would be perfect choices! Although, I do agree with dwayne - Braff would be great as Tripper, too. +o)

CT said...

Jenny McCarthy is/was a huge Suzanne Sommers fan; she's expressed a desire to play Crissy Snow. In fact, she did a Three's Company skit on her old MTV sketch show, where she played Crissy's daughter now living in that old apartment; Suzanne cameoed, as did Norman Fell.

I was White Trash when White Trash wasn't Cool said...


JGKojak said...

My cast:
Jason Ritter as Jack
(runner-up: Michael Cera)

Sarah Silverman would have made a great Janet- but at 35 she's too old. How about America Ferrara?

Ana Faris as Chrissy- no brainer (no pun intended).
Runner-up: One of the Simpson girls

Cindy Snow: Miley Cyrus

Mrs. Roper: Whoopi Goldburg
Mr. Roper: my choice would have been Bernie Mac...
Ted Danson? (funny 'cause he and Whoopi had a thing at one time and against type)
If a movie... Jack Nicholson?
Dustin Hoffman?

Larry: Horatio Sanz

Furley: Steve Buscimi? Maybe.

Lana: yes, Kathleen Turner, absolutely