Saturday, August 19, 2006

This Week's Tenant: Perspectives of a Nomad

Quoth the Nomad:

My name is Scottage, and I’m the modern-day nomad. I’m from the United States, Philly originally though I have lived in 7 or 8 other cities as well, I have lived in the Middle East and Europe, and have visited Africa, the Soviet Union, South America other European countries, and every US State. All this traveling has given me a unique perspective on the world: often I’m on the left, sometimes I’m on the right, often I’m for peace, and sometimes I advocate less-than-peaceful solutions. But always I tell it like I see it, and I try to learn from the dialogue with other people who view my site. Come along on my latest journey, this one a journey of the mind.

Check 'im out HERE. He's got things to say.

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