Monday, August 07, 2006

Um, I'll have the Alfredo Sauce instead please.

An actual Fred Meyer Sunday ad. J-bro sent me the link and I'm stealin' his joke. Hilarious results of bad copy editing.

Golden Grain Mission Pasta Kotex
14-27 Maxi Pads, 18-20 Security Tampons,
or 40-64 Lightdays Liners.
2 for $5

Although I suppose if you ripped open a package of pasta or a
package of Kotex and dumped them into boiling water, soon they would plump up
and get that "al dente" texture.


Jas said...

Let me please to clarifying that this was generated from a third party service that provides the electronic formatted online advertisements and is no way part of the company itself.... :)

You stole my alfredo line, bastard! :)

If I knew any better as to how to put pictures up, I'd have posted it on my own blog, but the brain is too full right now with chemistry and mathematics.

Anonymous said...

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