Friday, August 25, 2006

The Next Reality TV Show

I think the only serious hate mail I ever received about a post (or maybe it was a comment on the Smussyolay I can never remember) was when I suggested that TLC's little people, Big World star Matt Roloff was one dwarf who deserved to be tossed.

Then I backpedaled like crazy about being insensitive but restated that I thought he was rude to his wife and his parents on national TV (or at least on cable TV and subsequent DVD releases). It's rude to make insensitive comments too. Mea culpa again and personal apologies to Matt.

But it occurs to me that the next reality tv show could be a Sci-Fi release:

dwarf planet, Big Solar System.

It would chronicle the daily life of a former planet, kicked off the Island as it were, which is also a conjoined twin of Charon.

It's also got an alternative lifestyle orbit.

This means wackier neighbors than the other planets. Who knows, a passing comet could be the next Steve Urkel.

It would be a hoot. Set your TiVo.



Matt Roloff:


Solar System:


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