Friday, August 11, 2006

Rick Emerson

J-bro has pestered me for years about listening to Portland, Oregon's own Rick Emerson. He's had streaming broadcasts for years but I'm too lazy to check the times etc. Well now he has podcasts.

Check out and go to the AV section for both video and audio options. This guy is good!

Speaking of which, who else has a favorite radio personality (I'm a big talk radio fan) who has podcasts available so I can check them out. Joc, any Chicago suggestions? John, anyone in Florida worth listening to?

And thanks again, J. It's good stuff.


John Cowart said...

Eric, you're not going to believe this but here in Florida one of the few radio stations I ever listen to is Whole Weat Radio out of Talkeetna, Alaska!
I found that station, not because of their music and talk at first, but because of the neat drawings and clip art on their image page.
Their website is at

Anyhow, I rarely listen to the radio here in Jacksonville (my used-to-be favorite changed format last Christmas) but when I do, I listen to that station in Alaska. So I'm not the guy you should ask about listening variety.

Jas said...


Thank you for spreading the word of Rick Emerson.

He has been off and on in the Portland radio scene for year and years, and his listeners, myself included, are fiercely loyal. You probably have to listen in for a few weeks before you can catch the full comedic force and genuis that is the show, but if you are a gen x'er, or even gen y, you'll find it pretty funny.

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