Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Baby Steps

Today. Hospital. Routine appointment for my wife. I go for expensive coffee while she gets signed in and starts waiting for her appointment.

Elevator. Up one floor. Should have taken stairs. Lazy.

Sign in elevator. "Instructions for Emergency Intercom." Eight steps.

Eight steps? During an emergency in an elevator, how many people can follow more than two steps? Shouldn't the whole explanation for the intercom be "push here." If the person answering your call can't walk you through the eight steps THEY have for you, what good are they?

Eight steps. My head hurts. I think the fourth step is to apologize to everyone who you have hurt under the influence of an elevator and/or an intercom.

Up one floor. I should have taken the stairs. There's probably only a few more than eight steps there. No intercoms.

All these thoughts before my expensive coffee.

Originally posted as a comment on The Surreal Life but I thought it worth sharing here. Plagiarizing myself. Lazy.


john cowart said...

Eight instructions for an emergency?

The label on my soup can only has one

To lower sodium content, add less salt.

Eric said...

Hilarious! And it makes me hungry.

Thanks for stopping by, John!