Sunday, June 26, 2005

Star Wars Character


Anonymous said...


Guess what? I'm Liam Neeson!

"You are Qui-Gon Jinn! In addition to having a kick-ass obscure name, you are strong-willed, level-headed and just a plain old good guy. Nobody ever has anything bad to say about you because you always keep it real in the field. Do you keep chill by doing yoga or pilates? "



Eric said...

See, these polls seem like they're just silly fluff, but it makes so much sense. You could easily be Liam Neeson !

Jaws said...

Solo was the only one with personality!

Jaws said...

I am trying to catch up on my reading here.. I commented under your Thats why Part Two.

john cowart said...

I don't understand this posting. What does Hans Solo have to do with... Oh, I get it. Never mind.

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