Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Why's, Part Two

What's with the graveyard imagery?

1) I’m not a goth. I do like the whole dark side of life but I’m not all weird about it. Sure I convinced my best friend and her husband to skip a pre-paid city tour of Paris so I could tour the catacombs and see thousands of skulls. Sure I went with the same friends to a church in Dublin where we saw (and touched, yes!) mummies which inspired Bram Stoker’s description of Dracula. Sure I have all sorts of skeleton knickknacks. Some folks collect ceramic pigs, I collect skeleton stuff. Sure my wife had to tell me specifically that I couldn’t build a coffin with my new tools, no matter how “cute” I promised it would be when finished. See, I’m not all weird about it. Really! I’ve managed to not see a fresh dead body and I’m pretty happy about that. Some day I’m sure I will see one but I’m not signing up to view autopsies on my weekends or anything.

2) My parents met at a funeral. No kidding. I’ll explain this in greater detail at some point but it’s very complicated and probably a little touchy, since my dad’s brother was the deceased and my mom’s cousin was the widow.

3) I like the way the template turned out. I don’t have the ability to make a super-template like Jaws but I think mine looks okay the way it is now.

So the answer is: because it appeals to my happy-go-lucky dark side. And if you happened to see any unique skeleton or skull paraphernalia, send me an email!


Anonymous said...

Nice site, I would like to alter mine too, but I'm not sure how to make it as extremely crap as yours. Weirdo freak. Get a life.

Suzi said...

I love the look of your site. Very nice!

Eric said...

Thank you suzi!

And to anonymous who called me a "weirdo freak"

A) Fuck you.
B) Next time, sign your name
C) Fuck you.

Thank you for playing

Eric said...

and yet...

I'm tickled to get a real flame on my blog.

Feel free to criticize, so long as you read.

Did i mention to anonymous: fuck you!?

Anonymous said...

Well, judging from the poor grammar and syntax, I wouldn't worry about your anonymous poster. Their intellect is obvious.

I love the look. I think your sunflower picture is cute, but creepy.

Good Mix.


john cowart said...

Am I interupting something here?

Your site background image (is skin the right word?)provides a dramatic contrast to the happy content of many of your postings.

Good balance.

I keep coming back to read practically every day because you usually make me think, or give me a lift.

ps: I have a cool clip art graphic of a skeleton praying on my site, but i can't remember where I picked it up.

wizo said...

"And to anonymous who called me a "weirdo freak"

A) Fuck you.
B) Next time, sign your name
C) Fuck you."

Heh, nice come back *grins* Like your blog :)

Eric said...

John, thanks for being a constant reader. Your comments are always appreciated.

Wizo - welcome aboard! And upon further review, I shouldn't have immediately resorted to the F-word when criticized. I was in an F-word mood (but happily so) yet in print it looks juvenile.

jen said...

i am a huge fan of the f-word and your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed my your restraint when responding to the no name anonymous subject. It could have been sooooooo much worse. However here is a quote, “It's the swearing, Paul [Eric]. It has no nobility” however understandable. Love the site, like the positing, if you write a book I’ll then say that I’m your number one fan, but not that way. Oh, and the coffin you want to make with your new tools, that could just make an oogie mess. Later postings – TV

Jaws said...

I love the look of your blog!!

That anon person? Blah some one gotta be jealous and try and wreck everything for some one. He/she/it is just one of those people. I have a few pop up ever so often. What is it they say.. misery loves company.

Anonymous said...

The pre-paid tour was of Versailles (sp?) actually.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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