Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Long Form

I know a couple Photoshop tricks so I am capable of making picture one-liners (if not necessarily capable of thinking up the funny premise itself).

Sometimes humor is best served in large portions.

Here is a large portion I ran across today:

Ever worry about your wife cheating?

Want to know where your daughter is late at night?

Need to know when your girlfriend's temperature is rising?


john cowart said...

Don't let my wife read this posting; she'd want ME to wear the damn things!

Jaws said...

LOL I like John's idea... I need a pair of those for Hubby! Why ? I don't think he cheats but I know he hides in the AC room at work most of the day so when he says he is hot and sweats all day and we don't need to fix the car AC I can prove he gets to sit in AC all day! ammawhwhaaaaaaa.

Alnot said...

LOL I see NASA has struck another blow against freedom. Astronauts were the first to be sensored that way. What they had to say about it is censored also.