Sunday, June 05, 2005

Too knackered from work to really write today, but I'm never too tired to brag about my wife. From the first picture (prior to surgery) to the last picture (13 weeks out) she's down 58lbs and looking great. It's all downhill from here. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

She looks GREAT!

And she has a glow to her!

Congrats to her!

I know it sucked in the beginning, and pain and trauma was severe, someday she'll be able to look back and know it was worth it.

Even if she never wants to go through anything like it every again....



Eric said...

Nice to say!

You're a pretty good guy, J, despite what horrible things your family says about you!


Kathy said...

Congrats to your wife! And to you for being a supportive husband!

Jaws said...

Wooohoo you go girl!! Awesome. To see the results must be a awesome feeling for her. Its a personal battle that makes her lose the weight not just the surgery. Gratz to her!

Anonymous said...

If you think the family says horrible things about me, you should hear what my employees think about me!

Having struggled with my weight, which seems to run in our family, I think most us empathize and understand the stress and complications as factors and roadblocks.

I know that you'll support the K-girl!

And your family is here to support both of you, that is what families are for.


xtx said...

it looks like she's melting!

i wanna melt!!!

mona said...

oh man, that's just great.

i hope she's feeling really lovely and full of energy and life.