Tuesday, December 20, 2005

6 Egg McMuffins? That will be $1600.00

This has been in the news already so now I can blog about it.

Los Anchorage has had it’s first X-Jacking.

The local Best Buy recently received a shipment of the much sought after Xbox 360 game consoles. Six juveniles, the youngest 14 years old, waited in line for 9 hours to assure they would get these magic machines.

Fifteen minutes after the store opened, these guys had themselves 6 Xboxes, each costing them $399.99. They then trolled the parking lot with the intention of unloading two of the machines for $600 each. I admire their entrepreneurship but they were unsuccessful.

After a couple of minutes they had received no takers so decided to end their nightlong vigil with a stop at a nearby McDonalds for breakfast.

The five eldest members of the Xbox posse strolled from their van of XBooty into the restaurant, leaving the youngest inside the van.

Soon a man approached the van and encouraged, through the production of a handgun, the 14 year old to open the van and point to where the Xboxes were stored. He then loaded four of the boxes into his getaway car, driven by another man, and they sped away into the early morning.

Fifteen minutes later, the kids called the police. Why the time lapse? One might think these kids made up the story but I tend to believe that they were so completely gobsmacked that they argued what to do for a bit before dialing 911. Oh, and the 14 year old probably had to clean the bacon strips from his underoos.

The lessons in all of this:

a) if you buy a lot of expensive, portable, and extremely popular items DO NOT drive around a public place showing them off to bad guys who then might follow you several blocks to someplace you might do something stupid, like stop for breakfast before going home

b) if you have a gun pointed at you for any reason at any time by anyone who does not have a badge and the word “POLICE” prominently displayed DO NOT wait around for a while before calling the actual police

c) pack a meal, or even go home and persuade mom to make you something

The cartoon is mine, derived from Xbox game screenshots and a very, very old joke.


Deb said...

First thing that came to mind was, why'd the guy only take FOUR of the boxes, and which kids got to keep the remaining 2?

Sandy said...

You just couldn't resist! Did you forget to mention the other states this has happened in.

I suppose each bad guy -two arms, one game under each pit, gun in hand no free hands to put the additional games in, just in case someone came back out to car.

Johnny Wadd said...

Easy come, easy go.

Anonymous said...

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