Saturday, December 31, 2005

One Good Thing About This Blog

The lovely Bailey
The equally lovely Sugar Baby

Here’s my blog's year in review:

January – Before blog. Doesn’t count.
February – See January

March – Kelli has gastric bypass surgery. The Panic Blog begins. No one reads it. My grandmother goes into the hospital for the first time.

April – Jocelyn at This Surreal Life reviewed my blog because she found it after hitting the “Next Blog” button on Blogger. An e-friendship begins and my readership grows. Soon XTX, Jen, Hotpants, Jaws, John Cowart, Comadose, Lois Lane, KinkyPoe, the Shrinking Wop, and many other favorites come aboard the Panic train.

May – I tell a lot of stories. Apparently nothing really noteworthy happened. I must have joined Blog Explosion at this point because my traffic increases substantially.

June – I start telling stories from and about my lovely wife (with her approval because I respect her and…well… I'm frightened of her wrath). Tales of "The JerkyShooter" et al. continues to keep hits coming.

July – Almost every post has pictures in it. I start winning a couple Battles of the Blogs on Blog Explosion. Readership continues to increase. I stop writing nearly anything about politics and news and focus on telling stories about my past and present. People seem to like the stories. No one complains about the lack of my personal opinions about current affairs. I wrote "Daddy's Sacred Underwear" which I consider my best post of the year.

August – Sherry Dion does a web search on her name and finds "Daddy's Sacred Underwear." A lesson about using real names is learned. Grandma goes back into the hospital briefly. She starts to get her own fan mail. I invent the "Coq Ring." I do not make any money off of this invention.

September – Hurricane Katrina. A depressing time. I visit Homer, Alaska, and love it.

October – I write "Laws of Gravity and Motion" and my youngest brother has still not forgiven me for posting his picture on the internet. I don't understand but then again I do understand. You'll have to take my word for the fact that he's still very pretty. Permanent Fund Dividend checks arrive. Bailey goes into the hospital and the Permanent Fund Dividend checks depart.

November – I expose the Red Hat Society for the wanton hussies they are. I also expose Gigglewood as the home of the wooden phallus.

December – The blog finally starts taking the shape I want it to continue. Stories, stories, stories, including the number one story of the year, written by Kelli about going to a Christmas party and feeling comfortable in her skin for the first time in years. Tears are jerked. Bailey has a rough month with regard to her health. She spends the last week of the month in the animal hospital.

To everyone on my blogroll, special thanks for coming onto my spot on the 'net and hanging out for a while. I have learned much more from you than you have from me and hopefully the relationship can continue.

To everyone reading this now I wish you a happy and peaceful 2006.


John Cowart said...

I look forward to more of your stories in the coming year.

xtx said...

happy new year to you and kelli!

J-bro said...

Those booties are sooooooo cute.

My dog would never tolerate such things on his feet.

Keep up the writing, and if you need hints on the family stories, I'm sure we all still have a wealth of entertaining things.

I check the blog daily, not out of a sense of loyalty to my brother, but more because you are entertaining and very funny. It runs in the family, although some of us are more comfortable with embarassing ourselves than others.

Buy YBD a nice bottle or two of wine, and move on, I'm sure he'll get over it, as in life we all get over it.

Hell, I'm still bitter about the sea monkeys, but I'll get over it.

Happy 2006, and I hope for less vet bills in the coming year!

S said...

More stories, work stories, dog stories, no politics, don't really care about the song lyrics much. Pictures great. Guest writer is good. Wishing Bailey the best. And all of you. Have a great new year.

The Catapillar said...

Just started reading so I am looking forward to future stories at the same time as reading some of your archived ones. :)

Hope 2006 Is a great year for you and your family.

Eric said...

Terri made those booties! The girls didn't like them too much, but it was funny to watch them crab walk around in them.

Lu said...

Happy New Year Eric and Kelli!
Looking forward to reading the posts this year, it's all good!

smussyolay said...

those are booties? no offense (of course, now SOMEONE'S going to hate me), when i saw them on bailey, i thought they were some sort of hospital thing. and then i saw them on sugar baby, and then i got confused.

i don't care if you write about politics. i love politics and a good old fashioned rant. but you and i *both* know there's nothing like a good story.

love to you and kelli and the snouteros. best in the new year.

Eric said...

Thanks to all!!

And some folks at work though they were hospital thingies too, so Smuss is not alone.

overheard said...

Are their feet okay?

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