Thursday, December 08, 2005

More Kelli Pics

I asked Kelli if I could post a couple more pictures of her on the blog.

Kelli said "people are probably tired of seeing that."

I said "I'm not tired of seeing it and it's MY blog, right?"

Kelli said "I guess, but people like your stories better than just pictures of me. It's not my blog."

I said "Lately I'm out of stories, what with all this NAMI stuff and the mental hospital not returning my calls."

Kelli said "You are not out of stories. You have plenty of stories you have told me that you haven't told on the blog yet. And you can always just make something up."

I said "What, like this conversation?"

Kelli said "Exactly."


Rhoda IV said...

Excellent Kelli, lookin' real good.

j-bro said...

I especially like the wispy steam leaving your mouth and nose as you exhale..... I miss that crisp Alaska outdoor air sometimes!

You're out of stories, vitamin-E?

Oh lordy, I can think of all kinds of things you've yet to discuss.

You need some topics?
Review my top ten list!

Deb said...

The incredible shrinking woman - way to go!

Lindsey said...

You are definatly the incredible shrinking woman....Making me thinking about looking into the surgery....You look great, and I know you feel great too!!!!! way to go girl!!!!!

Jeff said...

Conversations are always good, though am I missing something with the pictures? If it's a weight loss chronicle then WAY TO GO!!

xtx said...

she's melting away Eric!
Hold on to her before she becomes a technicolor puddle on the floor!

Diana said...

Never think people are tired of your suscess. You paid the price to be where your at today. Sandy is so proud of you she keeps me informed and you and I have not met yet. Enjoy life.

KK's Mom

Lu said...

We are not tired of seeing your wonderful accomplishments Kelli! Congratulations~ You are beautiful and very happy for you.

Kathy said...

Kelli - I just wanted to say you look fantastic! I'm sure none of this has been easy for you, but it's obvious the results of your determination and hard work are really showing.

Way to go, Kelli! Recreate yourself to be just who you've always dreamed of!