Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland... like I wonder what I'm doing in this crazy outfit

December 11th started out well enough, at Granny A's being Queen of the Castle.

I was looking cute, as per usual.

Granny A directed my gaze outside to this thing they call snow. It looked harmless enough. How bad could it be?

Oh the humanity. Is this really necessary?

My crazy granny didn't have a sled handy so she showed typical Anderzoo ingenuity and made one out of a laundry basket, a throw rug, and an exercise rubberband. I was more than a little concerned.

Anything could have happened in this backyard You wouldn't even find the bones until spring. Better be on the lookout.

One of us is having fun. I'll let you guess.

Next time we stay inside, okay? Don't make me shoot you (with my completely imaginary less-lethal gun type finger gesture).

I love you Granny!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fathers of among the most beautiful daughters ever

Jon Voight and me at work. He was pretending to be a police detective and I was pretending to be happy that there was a film crew strolling around our building.

It was nice that he came up to say "Hi" and take pictures. I'd never have asked for one but he made sure even those of us hard at work were included. That showed some class and I was impressed.

A tip of my hat to you, sir. You are a gentleman.

Oh and he blessed us all which I guess can't hurt.