Friday, March 08, 2013

Phoenix still not rising

Okay, so Mr FedEx man tries to deliver my computer this morning but no one was there to sign for it.  I tried to head them off at the pass but FedEx says for them to leave it at their place for pickup will need to wait for Tuesday.  Tuesday?

And i just read the fine print that says FedEx Ground doesn't even deliver on weekends.  Are you out of your FedEx'n mind?  I'm going to have to wait at my house all Monday for it to arrive? 

FedEx, you are keeling me.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Phoenix is almost here...

Okay, so by Phoenix I mean the HP Envy Phoenix I bought from  And by here I mean the FedEx site says it’s in my town.

It was bad enough having to order a big purchase online and wait.  I remember being a kid and ordering something from a catalog or a comic book and it taking 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Six to eight weeks?  Holy crap, I ordered this computer on February 21st, and the two weeks since has been maddening.  

Maddening!   Cuckoo, cuckoo. 

So I’m looking at the FedEx site, as I have several times a day since they sent me the link when they picked it up on the 1st in Chihuahua, Mexico, and I see a notation that the package in “on a truck for delivery.”   Really?  Tonight?   It's nearly 7pm.  Surely not. Tonight would be good.   

Online people report getting packages delivered as late as 8pm or 830pm to residences.  Is that too much to hope for? Should I start moving stuff around to accommodate a new machine?  If it comes now then I’ll have a couple hours to fiddle with it.  If it comes in a half hour then I’ll have maybe two hours until I’ll need to really get to bed.  If it comes in an hour then it’s only 90 minutes. If it comes in an hour and 47 minutes then I’ll just get to look at it before needing to get to bed. 

But it should be coming tomorrow, which means I should load a book on my iPod and just get to getting to bed.  But it’s only 7 pm.  That’s like trying to go to sleep early on Christmas eve.  How can you turn off your head to just go to bed, does anyone do that?  I’ve got a complicated workday ahead of me tomorrow, I have plenty of things to obsess about that doesn’t involve a computer. 

That car door slamming outside the house, is that the FedEx man?  Or lady?  No, this time it’s a delivery driver bringing Chinese food to the strippers/bouncers that live on the house kitty-corner to us.   That rumble?  Is that a FedEx truck?  Nope, it’s Alaska, it’s an earthquake.  

But I don’t want to be among mad people!   

What time is it now?  There’s still time left… 

Dear Lord, that next truck that drives up could equally be coming to drop off a package or coming to take me away, ha ha, hee hee, ho ho.