Monday, May 30, 2016

NIACW 154 No Country For Old Men

There are no clean getaways in No Country for Old Men. It’s another 2 to 1 Anderbros vote, Brother J being the sole vote against it for plot reasons but all brothers found the performances to be gripping. Along the way the brothers discuss the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Two-Face from Batman, sad puppies versus starving kids, Mustang flight suit mishaps, office chair mishaps, a list of movie recommendations for our parents vacation, and 1990’s I Love You To Death
Drew Medical Update at 1:29:00
File length 1:42:22
File Size 93.9 MB
Here are some fun notes:
Total length of raw files: 2:15:00
Time required to just adjust levels, combine, and sync the three raw files: 20:00
Time to get to 1 hour of edited material: 2:23:00
Total time to edit a 1 hour 43 minute episode: 3:55:47
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