Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh... Now I Get It

Someone put brochure cards for a rustic inn in Willow, Alaska in the dispatch breakroom the other day. That’s cool, I’m always interested in brochures, if not necessarily spending any time in Willow. Nothing against Willownians, but there’s nothing in Willow that I can’t find in a hundred other locations in Alaska.

Well, maybe.

I am not a graphic artist, nor have I ever spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express, but I did take a two day seminar in graphic design which changed the way I look at things like brochures.

Here’s my assessment of this lovely piece:

You've got to admit, the name is strange. What the hell is a gigglewood anyway?
But I digress.

Calling Willow "the perfect midway retreat between Anchorage and Denali" is stretching things a little bit. If you are driving from Denali and get all the way to Willow, then not continuing on to Anchorage is just plain lazy. But it works for a selling point to the tourists, I guess.

The pictures are blended well and the whole thing gave me a good feeling about spending the night at the luxurious Gigglewood Lakeside Inn.

Except for the name. What the hell? Gigglewood… I did not get it.

Then my eye hit the bottom of the stairs. Oh my.

Get out! That thing has veins and stuff.

Well, at least it's pointed the right direction.


Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

funny stuff. props on that post

Eric said...

Thanks for dropping by Shane. Your Reflekshins haiga blog is so beautiful. It's like lovely zen pause in my day.

Eric said...

Funny thing. The word 'lovely' comes up a lot in my writing but not nearly as much when I'm actually speaking. And 'cheers' will never come out of my mouth but for some reason I like to end friendly emails to folks I don't actually know with the word.


Jack's Raging Mommy said...

And now that I've pulled up your name I can say honestly I've voted for you myself. Welcome, even though this is yours...

Anonymous said...

Ha! So I guess that means that there is something for the wife to do while that old jag off holds up more fish, hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'd make sure that the wife avoiding going fishing looks out for splinters....

Probably not a tweezer incident you really want to have occur in Willow.

TEN33GIRL said...

If business is what they're after, they need to redesign the entire cover. One big shot of that stair rail and they'll get tons of business! ;p

Anonymous said...


Perhaps a term of endearment?? One never knows. Joke for two??

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