Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The line? Eric, look behind you – you’ve already crossed it.

Tonight Kelli and I took her parents to dinner because they are taking our high maintenance dogs for a couple days so they get some attention. I’ve been in class all week and will only get one day off in two weeks time.

Kelli and I shared prime rib and crab (well, she had a small piece of crab and about three bites of prime rib and I had access to the rest). Kelli asked her mom if she wanted a piece of meat to try. Kelli’s mom ate a bite of it and Mom said that it was probably the best steak she’s had in a long time. Kelli mentioned that she herself didn’t really like prime rib as much as other cuts of meat but it was easier to digest. Kelli’s mom countered with “oh it’s so tender.”

This is when I said “Oh yes, it’s so soft and buttery and melt in your mouth. It’s like eating a baby.”

Mom’s mouth fell open and she shuddered a bit before understanding that I was kidding. She then explained that when I had said it she could picture a baby spitted and rotating over a flame. I said “oh the hardest part is wedging an apple in its tiny mouth.”

Luckily, upon second thought, she thought I was pretty funny. However, the first thought was one of true horror.

This is, for good or ill, not an uncommon experience with me.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, good going!

I just love it when people make disgusting references *while* I am trying to eat.
Sure is appetizing.
Next time try excrement talk.
That would have really gone over well!

And I'm pretty sure babies are less crunchy, owing to the fact that their bones aren't set yet, but I'm just guessing.

No babies were eaten during the composition of this response.


Anonymous said...

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TEN33GIRL said...

Babies....yummy! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, did you just get spammed?

Google Cash from an anonymous person?

Sheesh, you've made it bit time. =)


Lois Lane said...

OMG that is too funny. So it was you that invented the "I ate a baby" term huh?
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

What Line? I don't see any line.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a DINGO ate your baby, no no no, it was just Eric....

Anonymous said...

Babies, does a body good. - TG

Anonymous said...

baby liver , fava beans and chianti: what could be better except kidney pie for dessert.

E-man write the prison soon !

Anonymous said...

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